The 400 day/anniversary Clock Class

Will be conducted in May on Wednesday evenings the 8th,15th, 22nd, and the 29th.

Cost - $145 for non-member registration. $125 for member Registration.

Register for Classes here 

The class is open to all with no prerequisites required.

You will need to provide your own 400 day/anniversary clock for the class. No modern plastic clocks. They will need to be full metal clocks (with no missing parts, a broken suspension spring is acceptable) from the 1950s-1960s. If you do not have a clock and wish to take the class; a clock can be provided at a nominal cost.

The student will learn to pertinent theory, how to disassemble, clean, polish moving parts, reassemble the clock, oil, and adjust the clock. Specialty tools needed will be provided by the instructors.

The student will need to provide a small and medium sized slotted/flat screwdriver, a pair of standard and needle nose pliers, “cheater” magnifying glasses or an eye loop, a white hand towel, a few small cleaning rags, and a container large enough to hold your clock with the disassembled parts.

Questions Specific the course or request for clock to work on can be directed to

Andre Perreault at: [email protected]

Questions about Registration can be directed to [email protected]