Museum Etiquette

Below are a number of items to consider when visiting the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum. Remember, these are helpful guidelines to keep visitors safe at our unique Museum.

1. Touching

While it may be tempting to touch and explore the 55-acres of incredible machinery and exhibits here at the Museum, we encourage visitors to refrain from sitting in, pulling levers, or climbing on machinery, automobiles, wagons, and other pieces of equipment located at the Museum. Most of the fascinating machines you will see around the Museum are still operational and may cause injury to adult visitors, children and pets if sat on, climbed on or used inappropriately. Please be mindful and respectful of the equipment and machinery at all times. Look, but please do not touch.

2. Horseplay

We have 55-acres of Museum, and while we do encourage exploring all of it, we must remind visitors that horseplay on the property may result in injury due to the nature of equipment and machinery here at the Museum. Furthermore, running, shoving, pushing, and other physical activity may damage certain pieces housed at the Museum.

3. Pets

We love pets! Pets are allowed during regular Museum hours, but unfortunately non-service animal pets are not allowed during our yearly events. Be mindful that we are a predominantly outdoor Museum. This means we do see our fair share of rabbits, squirrels, snakes and weeds. Please contact the Museum Office for more information regarding our pet policy.

4. Playground

We have a children friendly playground located in the Railroad area for daily use. Please be mindful of children in the play area and ensure adult supervision at all times.

5. Photography

Photography for personal, non-commercial use is encouraged at the Museum. If you are interested in commercial photography at the Museum, please contact the Museum Office for more information. Remember to tag us as #agsem in all your social media posts, we love seeing visitor photos!